Curriculum Vitae

An engaging, dedicated and professional individual seeking meaningful opportunities in Web Development and Management. Currently a Front-End Developer who maintains high-end quality standards and facilitates all email marketing for fast-paced financial firm. Well experienced in creating thoughtful web presentations and executing campaigns that keep target audience top of mind and engaged.


Ziff Davis

Front-End and UI Developer

  • MVC frameworks with Backbone JS and .NET
  • Object-Oriented and Functional Programming
  • NodeJS task manager for faster development: autocompile SASS, Image Sprites, JSHinting, and Browserfy for JS compiling
  • .NET 4.0 MVC with Razor Template Engine & Restful API
  • .NET

The Royce Funds

Front-End Developer, Email Marketer, Online Producer

Managed and maintained all front-end web technologies as well as all global email campaigns for both marketing and sales.

Front-end developer duties included:

  • Managing and maintaining standards for thousands of front-end source files through SVN, consisting of CSS, JS, XML, and JSON languages
  • Collaborating with server-side developers to plan and implement projects, occasionally working directly in server-side markup for faster product releases
  • Maintaining CMS using Apache Velocity and XSLT

Email marketing duties included:

  • Extensive knowledge of email standards, best practices and industry privacy compliance
  • Management of global email marketing campaigns and email database
  • Building responsive email templates catering to existing and emerging mobile platforms and standards
  • Created monitors and logic for ongoing preening of invalid emails
  • Collaboration with sales for creating automated events registration with responsive landing pages using CSS3, HTML5 and PHP
  • Setting controls for data and user activity flows from email marketing platform to SalesForce
  • Writing scripts with Apache Velocity to customize emails on an individual user level

Notable projects and accolades included:

  • Recipient of the 2013 Marketing Star Award, an award recognizing the efforts of one person per year within the sales and marketing departments
  • Migrated Google Analytics Classic to Google Analytics Universal while simultaneously implementing Google Tag Manager
  • Collaborated with vendors to completely redesign website using responsive framework
  • Increased quality and lowered burn rates on web development projects by implementing and enforcing new workflow and tools for bug tracking and fixes
  • Helped migration from custom CRM to email marketing platform, setting up all user flows, actions, events, and email & landing page templates
  • Increased Twitter followers by 48% in one year by implementing audience-focused content strategy and campaign planning
  • Used multiple data sources to create a web search tool using jQuery AutoComplete
  • Developed logic and markup using JavaScript for flexible and scalable filter functionality for pages on heavily trafficked pages

Joshua M. Wilges, DDS

Independent Designer and Developer

Designed and created a website utilizing custom responsive CSS framework and custom JS for a nimble site with very few dependencies on external scripts and plugins.

  • Conceptualized and executed website design and user experience influenced by client’s newly redesigned office space
  • Created all image assets for site as well as developed custom CSS using SCSS and custom JS
  • Implemented Google Analytics Universal and taught client how to use Google AdWords

Thieme Medical Publishers

Web Marketing Assistant & Digital Marketing Manager

Responsible for all online marketing content and development for Americas as well as coordination with those responsible for similar developments in Asia, Europe, and Africa.

Web marketing duties include:

  • Creating direct email campaigns to specific target audiences
  • Management and facilitation of web-related customer-inquiries
  • Oversight of company’s internal databases and social media systems
  • Design of graphics for online promotions and advertising

Digital marketing manager duties include:

  • Management of a variety of websites through communication between International Marketing Director and E-Products Software Team
  • Maintenance of relationship between various company partners for cross cross promotional opportunities
  • Lead projects with several external software developers for functional improvements across websites
  • Analysis of site metrics and user behavior which informed improvements to user interface and experience.

Century 21: Commercial Division

Commercial Sales Agent

Independent contractor responsible for finding sales leads and working with the client from introduction to finalized contract. Leads were developed through heavy online promotion as well as digital presentations. Advised clients on best approaches to negotiating contracts, layout of space, and cost-efficient construction methods.

Metropolitan Property Group

Residential Sales Agent

Independent contractor responsible for individual sales and rentals of residential condos and apartments. Found leads through marketing via digital and physical promotions. Aided clients on preparation of documents needed for contract signing.

Alternative Assets


Gained experience in the finance market through maintenance of relationship between investors and managers. Responsibilities included: online marketing of events to introduce investors and managers, billing procedures, and coordination of company employee’s attendance at exhibitions.

SFSA Designs


Worked under the expertise of a draftsman and licensed architect. Completed side assignments including construction documents and photo-realistic renders. Went to on-site visits of small architectural development projects.

Recreational Sports Facility

Senior Center Supervisor

Maintained high standards for customer service through presentations and written manuals that set the standards. Responsible for monthly employee meetings to handle inconsistencies as well as to update staff on policy changes. Coordinated communication between employee inquiries and administration updates. Made sure all parts of facility ran smoothly during on and off hours.


Languages & Plugins:

Current: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, .NET, NodeJS, Grunt, Express, Less CSS, Sass/SCSS, Apache Velocity, XSLT, XML, JSON, jQuery, jQuery UI, C#, HighCharts JS, BootStrap, Zurb Foundation, Modernizr


Current: Sublime Text 2 & 3, Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver; CMD, Visual Studio, FileZilla, Chrome and Firefox Developer Suites, Firefox’s Firebug, Tortoise SVN, Microsoft Office Suite, Google Office Suite

Past: Microsoft Access, Rhinoceros 4 and Plug-ins, AutoCAD 2007, Google Sketchup PRO, Google Earth, SAP, T-Splines, Maxwell Render 1.6, 3D Max


Current: Hannon Hill CMS, Marketo – Email Marketing, SalesForce, Google Analytics Classic & Universal, Google AdWords, Google Tag Manager, Litmus Email Testing, Browserstack, JIRA

Past: Joomla and Extensions, Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, Benchmark Email, MailChimp


Current: Responsive Web Design, Responsive Email Design, Web Development Flow (Design to Implementation), Web Apps, User Experience, Qualitative Assurance


University of California, Berkeley

B.A. in Architecture, Minor in Sustainable Urban Development

Diablo Valley Community College

Supplemental Extracurricular Courses in Software